We see the big picture

Spinlab is a marketing consulting firm that specializes in crafting innovative marketing solutions for technology and industrial clients. We offer a complete range of capabilities to our clients - from research and strategy to branding and creative services.
With engineering and marketing backgrounds, we have the skill sets and experience to develop marketing plans for your products and services in a diverse range of business to business areas.

Our media division, VisionCity.ca, handles the production of a complete range of media solutions from video and web to social media, apps and interactive applications.

We also focus on the details

With 22 years of experience in the areas of manufacturing, technology and marketing, we bring a great deal of understanding to the table. We thrive on continuously learning, and putting that knowledge into action for out clients. It can be anything from launching new products or services, differentiating your firm within the marketplace, implementing new social communications strategies ... it all gets down to what’s best for each particular product, service and situation.

Our Range of Capabilities

Spinlab has the capacity to develop strategies and ideas, then implement them in a variety of ways. Our complete range of capabilities includes:

Market Research Services
Marketing Strategy Development
Product and Service Branding
Corporate Identity Development
Website Planning and Production
Social Media Campaigns
Search Engine Optimization
Print Literature Design and Production
Advertising Design and Copywriting
Video Production for Marketing and Training
Virtual Tours
2D or 3D Animations
Trade Shows, Seminars and Event planning